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Screenshot of ZCounts website

About the project

Type of company:

B2B marketplace 🏢

Stage of company:

Pre-launch 💡

Company location:

London, UK 🇬🇧

Technology used:

Webflow ⚒️

What I did

My role:

Website designer 🎨

ZCounts is a marketplace to help small businesses find an accountant or bookkeeper.

Alasdair Graham, founder of ZCounts, was keen to test the concept for ZCounts and gain market validation before investing in a full marketplace build. I think this is a fantastic approach that more people should try! So, we decided to use no-code tool, Webflow, to build a simple landing page. It took around a week for me to design and build the site. This included iterations based on Alasdair's feedback. He was able to launch the site super fast. This enabled his to start pitching the idea to his target market and gain some early traction. I'm excited to see where Alasdair takes his business!

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