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The AI-powered career planning platform

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About the project

Type of company:

B2C marketplace 🤝

Stage of company:

Launch 🚀

Company location:

London, UK 🇬🇧

Technology used:

Custom Build ⚒️

What I did

My role:

User researcher 🔍

Would You Rather Be is a custom-built marketplace helping young people to discover the right career path for them.

Phil Hewinson, founder of Would You Rather Be, needed some help in understanding his target audience better. He wanted to learn more about their pains and frustrations in finding the right career path, and what their goals and ambitions looked like. After a kick-off call with the project team, I quickly got to work writing a discussion guide (which would be used the guide the conversations during the interviews), whilst Phil lined up all the interviews. As a team, we conducted over 50 user research interviews and uncovered some fascinating insights that have helped to shape the direction of the product.

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