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About the project

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SaaS ⚙️

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Growth 📈

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London, UK 🇬🇧

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Custom Build ⚒️

What I did

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User researcher 🔍

Robin is a SasS tool for lawyers, helping them to quickly draft, amend and sign contracts.

I've worked with Richard Robinson, founder of Robin, multiple times on research projects over the last few years. They all take a similar approach.

Firstly, we discuss and agree the type(s) of people we want to speak to for he research (e.g. 10 in-house lawyers in large corporates). As an ex-lawyer, Richard has a great network of people that fit our requirements so he usually reaches out to a bunch of his contacts and schedules 30 minute interviews. I then start to draft an interview script that we'll use during the interviews, and iterate it based on Richard's feedback. As an experienced researcher, I usually run the interviews, with Richard sitting in to absorb the information.

We make an audio recording of each interview and get them transcribed on Once all the interviews are complete, I go through the transcripts and pull out interesting pieces of information. I group quotes and key details from all the interviews and search for common themes e.g. 80% of participants struggle to find the correct NDA template on their company's shared drive. I then present the findings back to the whole team using a mixture of statistics, sound-bites (audio-clips) and emotive stories from the participants. Finally I make recommendation on the next steps.

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