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About the project

Type of company:

B2C marketplace 🤝

Stage of company:

Growth 📈

Company location:

London, UK 🇬🇧

Technology used:

Custom Build ⚒️

What I did

My role:

User researcher 🔍

KoruKids is a UK-based marketplace helping parents to find part-time nanny's for their children.

I worked on two research projects for KoruKids. The first was to understand how KoruKids could improve their nanny matching service. This is where parents tell KoruKids what they are looking for in a nanny, and KoruKids tries to match them with the best nanny available. They were keen to improve their conversion rates and increase the number of successful matches. I talked to a range a customers - those who had not found a match, those who had found a match but were unhappy with the nanny they were matched with, and those who were happy with the nanny they had been matched with. I made audio recordings of each interview and got them transcribed so we had a permanent record of the interviews. I then consolidated the findings and presented my recommendations back to the team.

The second project was to understand whether families would be interested in sharing a nanny. This was a new business proposition that KoruKids was considering. I arranged calls with a group of existing KoruKids customers to pitch the idea and hear their feedback, questions and concerns. I gathered some fascinating insights and presented my findings back to the team, along with my recommendations.

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