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About the project

Type of company:

B2B marketplace 🏢

Stage of company:

Launch 🚀

Company location:

Chennai, India 🇮🇳

Technology used:

Sharetribe Flex ⚒️

What I did

My role:

Website designer 🎨

InsightGig is a B2B marketplace helping companies find expert consultants. Right now they are focussed on the Indian market, but hope to expand quickly to the USA.

I started working with Vidya Venugopalan, Co-Founder of InsightGig after they found me via a blog post I'd written for Sharetribe. At the start of the project we had a kick-off call to discuss the design requirements for the MVP, which enabled me to jump right into drawing diagrams to document the various user journeys. Once we were happy with those, I broke down the features and journeys into "themes" (e.g. Project Management") and prioritised each design task with Vidya's help. I then got started work on the wireframes for the website. I used Figma to design each screen and asked Vidya for feedback at the end of each day. The next morning, I would check the feedback and make any relevant updates. This iterative process helped to ensure that Vidya and I were completely aligned and happy with the end result.

Following the launch of the MVP, I worked with Vidya and the InsightGig team again to design the next set of features. These includes things such enabling experts to collaborate together on a project, and enhanses project tracking tools.

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