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I'm a huge fan of Sharetribe Flex and the friendly team behind it. I know the product inside out having designed nine marketplaces for Sharetribe Flex clients. If you're building a Flex marketplace and need some UX UI design support, please get in touch.

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my process

How I work

Here's a quick run-down of my process and how you can expect me to work alongside you and your development team on your Sharetribe Flex marketplace.

1. Initial call

This is usually our first proper introduction to each other. The aim of this 30-minute call is to get to know each other a bit better - I'll tell you about my background, other projects I've worked on and the services I provide, and you can share the story behind your marketplace, where you're at now and where you'd like to get to. If we decide that we're a good fit for each other we'll sign contracts and schedule the kick-off call.

2. Kick-off call

The kick-off call is usually an hour long call with myself, you and your development team. We'll get into the nitty-gritty of the business requirements to ensure we design and build the right features for your Sharetribe Flex marketplace.

If you don't have a development team in place, I can highly recommend Journey Horizon. I've worked with them on five projects and their engineers are excellent! I'd be more than happy to make an introduction.

3. Flow diagrams

Following the kick-off call, I should have enough information to start to drafting the transaction flow diagram which details the more technical requirements of how transactions should work (it includes details about when emails and instructions to Stripe are triggered). We'll review these diagrams together and will iterate until we are all agreed.

4. Wireframes

Sharetribe kindly provide design files for their two templates (Yogatime and Saunatime) so I take these design files and make the relevant changes to meet the requirements of your marketplace. This is an iterative process and I'll be asking you for regular feedback along the way. We'll review the designs together and once you're satisfied, it'll be time to handover the designs to your developers.

It's important to note here that development work can happen in tandem with the design work. I usually work 2-3 weeks ahead of the developers, meaning they can start building the first set of features  whilst I continue designing the rest.

5. Handover to developers

Before your developers start building your marketplace, we'll have a call with them to walk them through the designs. This is a  opportunity for them to ask us any clarifying questions. Next, I'll provide all of the assets your developers will need such as hex codes (colours), assets (images/icons), fonts (weights, size) etc.

Once each feature is built, the development team will ask you or I to test them to ensure they meet the specification. It's a big task as it usually requires around 2 hours each day - some founders like to do their own testing and others prefer me to do if for them. Let me know which you would be most comfortable with.


Pricing packages

Having worked on nine Sharetibe Flex marketplaces, I know more than most about what is actually involved. Here are my pricing packages based on your various needs.

UX UI Design

From: £5,000 per project

I will design your Sharetribe Flex marketplace for responsive web and handover the designs to your developers. Deliverables include a transaction process diagram, email templates and wireframes (around 180 desktop and mobile screens). In addition to this, I will co-ordinate all of the work with your developers including prioritisation of tasks. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete this work.

QA Testing

£600 per week

Testing digital products is harder (and more time consuming) than you'd imagine. Playing multiple roles (provider, seller, admin) and testing all the possible scenarios is tough and your time is better spent on other important tasks. If you'd like me to handle testing for you, this charge starts at the beginning of the build phase and is ongoing until the build is complete.

Ongoing work

Price upon request

Once the first version of your marketplace has been built and you've gone live with some early users, no doubt you'll receive lots of useful feedback from your users! This often leads to new features requests add optimisations. Once we reach that point, we can reflect on your needs from me as a designer and we can workout the best way forward in terms of pricing.

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If you're interested in working with me on your Sharetribe Flex marketplace, get in touch now!

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Talobee wireframes - case study cover

sharetribe flex


Remote UX, UI and branding project for a Finnish marketplace using Sharetribe Flex.

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Talobee wireframes - case study cover

sharetribe flex

The Shoot

Two year side-hustle where I co-founded a marketplace to help people find and book UK photographers.

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Some nice words from people I've worked with

Profile picture of Matthew Ryan smiling

My team love working on projects that Fiona is involved in as she has an excellent understanding of Flex and knows how to deliver clear requirements. She has made our development work much easier. Fiona is also great at helping the business owner turn their idea into a working marketplace. In short she is the true definition of a user experience designer.

Matthew Ryan

Co-Founder and CEO at Journey Horizon

Profile photo of Enbo Chen

Fiona has been key to designing and building the Talobee marketplace. We've challenged her with some complex requirements and the results are always excellent. She is very quick to turn the designs around and has a great eye for detail. Fiona also demonstrates a respect for UX and customer centred design. She is always passionate to solve the problem and be open-minded for changes and feedback. Fiona not only focuses on solving problems but also likes to discover the root reason behind to make the right design decision.

Enbo Chen

Co-Founder and CTO at Talobee

Profile photo of Rich Serunjogi

Fiona helped my team and I to develop the initial wireframes for Business Score. She ran user research sessions to better understand user behaviours, motivations and frustrations with current market solutions. Fiona also facilitated design workshops to help us synthesise the research and provide clarity on what we needed for the MVP.

Rich Serunjogi

Founder and CEO at Business Score