Tools to help you design your marketplace

Illustration of a man at a desk with a computer and books
Screenshot of User Flow template

User Flow Diagram - Template

I have created a template user flow diagram to help you document and communicate the structure of your marketplace. This includes user journey such as how a supplier might create and publish a listing, and how a customer might find and book a listed service.

All you need to do is duplicate the template and tailor it to your own business.

Screenshot of Airtable template

Input Fields - Template

I have created a template that will help you to define and document all the data that you need to capture from your users. For example, you'll need to create forms for:

  • user on-boarding
  • suppliers creating a listing
  • buyers wishing to make a booking
Screenshot of Airtable template

Transaction Flow Diagram - Template

I have created two templates that will help you to define how payments are made and received (known as the transaction flow). The first diagram is instant bookings (where a booking is automatically accepted by the supplier) and the second is reviewed bookings (where the supplier needs to review and accept/decline each booking request).

The template includes user and system actions that trigger...

  • booking confirmations
  • payouts to suppliers
  • buyer and seller reviews
Screenshot of Airtable template

Email Notifications - Template

Email notifications ensure that your buyers and sellers take actions at the right time and keep their transactions moving.

I have created 15 email templates (including triggers and email content) for the basic set of email notifications you will likely need to build into your marketplace.

Screenshot of Product Roadmap template

Product Roadmap - Template

Prioritising features for an MVP can be tough. Having worked on eight marketplace projects, I've taken my experiences and created a simple product roadmap template that outlines the features you should focus on, in order of priority, over the first 12+ months of building your marketplace.

Screenshot of Kanban board template

Kanban Board - Template

I have created a template Kanban board to help you communicate with your team (including developers) what needs doing, where you're at with progress and who has an action to complete.